What we Do and What we Don’t

Curio Mix is an online webshop with items originating from all parts of the world. We regularly travel and visit markets, bazaars, auctions, flea markets, thrift shops and collectors, to purchase odd items that capture our attention and interest. Our item choices are for several reasons other than what they were originally intended for. We stock a mixed inventory that goes beyond an object’s purchase value. They are mainly centre pieces, art objects, decorations, or unusual items that when visibly located, provoke curiosity and conversation. These items may have long passed their usefulness in life but as the years have swept over them, their presence recreated a curio value. Valuable or not, all Curio Mix items have outlived their previous lives, and have now returned as interest objects for new owners, collectors, homes, and offices. Whether you are looking for antique, vintage, or collector items, you will easily find something on Curio Mix that will evoke your interest. Combined with our secure payment system, you can shop Curio Mix items, comfortably and securely from anywhere. Some items could easily be vintage or antiques, retros or repros, nostalgics or collectables, however, our thought behind their selection is sporadic and independent of their value. It is for the viewer to decide if an item is interesting or has any higher value. At Curio Mix, we are not antique experts, dealers or collectors, and therefore we do not stock items for their market value. We try to convey the state and condition of each item in our photographs but if you have any questions or require any further details regarding a particular item, you can just contact us with your queries and we will do our best to supply you with the requested information. Keep in mind that all our online items are delivered in the same condition as they reach us. We do not, restore, polish, clean, or repair any items. We prefer to keep everything showing clearly all the age and usage markings accumulated over the years, decades, or even centuries. At Curio Mix, this is what we do… and what we don’t.